Friday, October 30, 2009

The Reason Behind This Blog

In the nearly impossible chance that someone other than myself may be reading this, I suppose I should provide some sort of background for why the heck I'm posting all these pictures of black gloves.
Unfortunately, the reason behind this is slightly shameful. In high school, my friends and I took to referring to a certain boy, who shall FOREVER remain nameless, as "The Black Glove" because he appeared to pop up everywhere without warning - he was ubiquitous. The extent to which I recognized the prevalence of BGs wasn't apparent until nearly halfway through my second year of university in England, but honestly, there must be hundreds of black gloves lost and discarded every day. Whenever I see one, I feel a slight pang of sadness rooted completely in inanimate-object-glorification animated films such as The Brave Little Toaster, both for the glove and its erstwhile owner. At the same time, it's a weirdly comforting thought to know that nearly everyone, at least those who have spent time in cold climes, has experienced the unique irk of losing a single glove (both if you're lucky.) 
Since last November, I've been documenting each glove or pair of gloves that I've come across, with the sole requirement that they must be black - small stripes are fine, as long as black is the predominant color - and posting them in a Facebook album. Shortly thereafter, various friends began to send me pictures of black gloves they'd come across. Someone suggested I start a blog. That's all. 

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  1. Sweet Emma,

    I think you should make a link to this slightly delayed 'inaugural' post in the bar to the right, so that newcomers to this gem of a blog can find it before they've waded through tends, hundreds or even thousands of glorious black gloves.

    Also, open a new gmail account (, anyone?) so photos can be sent to you?