Monday, November 30, 2009

The Best Weekend Ever

I went to London intending to return the same night and stayed there for three days. During this time, I:
-developed an addiction to Müller Rice
-was permanently rain-soaked
-found 5 BGs (two of which are on my as-yet-undeveloped disposable camera), which
-must have made quite an odd impression on the people I was with, most of whom were awesome, Greek, and five to ten years my senior.

After a few hours of waffling over whether it was worth it to miss my 2 PM seminar on Monday for more fun and frivolity (retrospectively: I was half an hour late anyway, it was 2 hours' worth of Holocaust poetry, I smelled like a dog - it definitely would have been worth it), I hopped on the train back to Reading and promptly found two more gloves.

This was one of two gloves (or perhaps the same one trampled into relocation) I found on Carnaby Street. A group of boys who must have been a bit younger than me were watching as I crouched and snapped a picture of it, and then imitated the cheesy shutter noise of my phone. Oh, joy! 

Also Carnaby Street.

Notting Hill Road, after a thoroughly revolting hot apple cider. 

Chameleoned outside the RUSU building upon my return to dear old Reading.
Alas, someone shucked them off to add cream to their coffee in the HUMSS café and forgot about them. 

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