Friday, January 15, 2010

SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION: The Downtown Reading Round-Up (Part One)

This is an act of humongous laziness, I know, rather than a SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION, but it would take me a few hours to disperse these all into individual posts. These were all found within a few blocks of each other, however, so I don't really feel that the integrity of the blog is compromised.
I suppose, as the festive season waxes and wanes, it's only natural for a heavier layer of BGs to settle around town. People are bustling about in a state of extreme frazzle, running errands, coming unravelled, losing gloves literally left and right. I love it and could probably write some pompous journal article about lost gloves' purpose as symbols of mindless consumerism and today's horrifically elevated sense of stress in the weeks and days leading up to Christmas, etc. Who am I kidding?! I would die of boredom, and so would anyone deluded enough to start reading it. 
Oh, and guess what? I'm also too lazy to put these in any real order, so I'll just treat you to a veritable grab bag of dirty, stanky gloves.

December 13- Daniel and I were walking back in the wee hours after seeing Where the Wild Things Are. We intended to take the bus, but after seeing the next one wasn't for half an hour, we decided to walk as far as we could along the bus route until it swung by. I'd assured him that Reading's buses allowed bikes on board, having thought it standard protocol after seeing it on buses in Minneapolis, but NOPE. The true gem of a bus driver made us get off when he saw Daniel's bike, after I'd already paid my fare. Dude. It was 1 in the morning. The bus was empty. We're freezing and zonked. Give us a BREAK. 
Anyway, we saw this totally mangled specimen after we were rejected, on Kings Road by TVU.

This bad boy was RAWKING OUT on December 6th at Jackson's Corner.
December 5th, outside the Sainsbury's on Broad Street.

Also December 5th, at the entrance to Friar Street by M&S. I had to get Daniel to stop kicking it like a soccer ball and hold still with it. (P.S. Note the fanny pack- he's trying to bring them back into fashion.)

December 13th, walking back home from the cinema before our bus encounter; this was lying in squalor by the library.

Apparently it won't let me put any more photos in this post. I love you, Blogspot.

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